Monthly Archives: November 2010

Atlanta Based Lifestyle and Special Events Photographer:Stephanie Loraine agrees to work with PSM

Stephanie Loraine is a talented lifestyle and special events photographer has agreed to allow PSM to work with her. Stephanie has great experience working with people capturing their most important moments. Also her special events photo shoots are excellent and diverse! If you are a business or individual and you need to hire a photographer to capture special moments in the Atlanta area please consider hiring Stephanie. You can review her website under the contact section.


SugarHill Works

I am happy to announce that PSM will be partnering with SugarHill Works. SugarHill Works is a custom digital production house founded by photography and design professionals. We provide specialized services to meet the digital needs of photographers, artists, and entrepreneurs in NYC and beyond.

Today November 2nd 2010 PSM official website has officially launched a exciting new time has come!!!