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Talented Fashion,Lifestyle, and Travel Photographer: Colin Williams agrees to work with PSM!

Colin Williams is a photographer whose striking fashion imagery
immediately tells a story. He finds beauty in the simple and the
unexpected. His work moves much like a script, infused with drama,
which makes his recent transition from photographer to filmmaker
a natural one. His photographic skills came at an impromptu time.
While working as a model, a photographer just couldn’t get his lighting
right. After a few questions and an honest critique, Colin would
move from model to photographer, pursing the interest that would
become his life’s passion.

Most recently, he has shot for Essence Magazine, Adidas, Nike,
American Express, Breast Cancer Society and Ocean Style Magazine.
Equipped with a Trinbagonian accent and camera bag, he stays
focused and continues to capture images in the dual worlds of high
fashion and everyday lifestyle. Just step into his world of themed
events classically entitled “The Last Soul Boy” and you’ll feel like a
superstar. Colin is more than a photographer. He sets a stage…it’s
up to you to play your role.
Colin Williams Productions pursues media and events with a distinct passion that can only be captured by the experience. It’s two divisions offer top-notch services that elevate clients’ need to the forefront.
The photography division, “Colin Williams Photography,” specializes in exposing life through the camera lens. Whether film or photograph, clients such as Nike, ESSENCE, Time Inc., Alvin Ailey, MTV, American Express, Macy’s, Breast Cancer Organization have had their goals met through portraits, fashion, travel, advertising and lifestyle photo shoots or documentaries.


Russell Frederick needs our support!!!! Review and visit Russell’s page on Kickstarter

My name is Russell K.Frederick and I am a photographer from Brooklyn. For the past decade I have been documenting an urban America that is often left out of mainstream media. Where I grew up there is love, dignity, respect, honor, style, beauty as well as challenges. I capture this on film.

I am so proud to coordinate my first major solo show in New York in the spring/summer of 2011 showcasing my work from the past ten years. With your help and contributions, I hope to be able to raise the money for my show. The funds will be used for printing, rental space, framing, invitations, marketing, installation, scanning and all of the other things that go along with launching a major solo exhibition.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $7,000 for the show, however, the more I raise the better it will be. Times are tough…any contribution small or large is immensely appreciated!

I sincerely thank you for coming to my page to take a look at my work. I want to share the beauty of the human spirit through my photographs with New York City and then the world! Your contribution is helping to make this happen.

Please Visit my website at to learn more about me.
View my recent photography here…
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Your credit card is only charged, if and when, we reach our goal. If I do not reach my fund raising goal by the project’s deadline, I lose ALL the money that has been raised. “Backer rewards” are redeemable when the project reaches its fund raising goal. After that time, backers will be contacted by the project coordinator to obtain any additional information that may be needed (ie. shipping address, t shirt size,etc.).

Please visit:

International Commercial Photographer:Francois Bonneau agrees to work with PSM

Francois Bonneau has worked as a professional photographer for more than 15 years. He specializes in photographing people and has developed a unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects. His process is both simple and direct, and with his enthusiastic personality, he creates a comfortable, safe and fun environment that inspires clients to participate actively and genuinely throughout the photography sessions.
Francois Bonneau is a visionary commercial, editorial and portait photographer who has reached the top of his field. His work has been published in international magazines, annual reports and other advertising media. After several years of formal training as a photographer in the mid 1990’s, Francois went on to develop his own commercial photography studio, Bono Photographie, catering primarily to businesses in Quebec. Canada. Among his many clients were Benjamin Moore, Bombardier Aerospace, Gouvernement of Quebec, Ernst & Young, Mc Gill University, The National Cancer Institute of Canada and Concordia University, as well as celebrities and other public figures.
He was featured in an article published in AMPQ Magazine (March 2003) as an authoritative voice about the future of technology and creativity in digital photography and imaging.
Francois photographed more than 60 Canadian stars from the stage and cinema who were guests on Viens voir les comédiens, a weekly program on ARTV. The photographs were then used in numerous print advertising campagns in Québec’s Voir and Le Devoir newspapers, with a readership of 120,000 people. His work was also featured in promotional brochures, reaching a national circulation 250,000 copies.
Every year the Corporation of Master Photographers of Quebec (founded in 1950 with more than 282 members) selects a talented and well-known photographer of Quebec to be a guest speaker at their annual convention.
« In 2004, we asked Francois Bonneau, who is best known for his talent, his boldness and “joie de vivre” to share his remarkable vision with us.
From January to December 2005, he worked on our new monthly feature (L’effet AMPQ). AMPQ is a special publication desiged for entrepreneurs who regulary purchase ads in our magazine. As our photographer, Francois Bonneau created images of individuals passionately at work in their daily business lives».
While managing Bono Photographie, Francois provided a valuable learning opportunity for four young photographers in 2006 by coaching them about clients and businesses for six months.
I came from Montreal to New York in June 2006 to expand my vision to be an international photographer. In February 2007, I received an official visa to live and work -my freedom! As a photographer –Francois Bonneau